Slow or fast?

September 3rd, 2012 → 10:05 am @

Sometimes I can hear an advice regarding photographer’s attitude to the time.

I mean: should I be, as a person taking pictures, fast like a lightning or slow and careful which should be treated as a sign of being respectful both to photography I make and the subject I photograph?

There was a time I thought I should – first of all – have in mind the respect, and make pictures with great deference; slowly or quietly; however some time ago I changed my mind. I’m now on a position that capturing the right moment and still having respect to photography (in contrast to all these respect-less digital snap-shooters) requires both being calm and quite when waiting for a right frame, and fast and effective when the right moment comes and you have to press the shutter button immediately.

I have to say that’s still difficult sometimes, but every proper timing I do raises my skill level. :)



13th Frame – Great Spring Promotion!

March 23rd, 2012 → 9:00 pm @

As you may noticed, 13th Frame disappeared from Smashwords distribution for a while. This is because the book was enrolled to Amazon’s Kindle Select program.


Simple – to make it available for more customers, and… to make a promotion!

The promotion is: today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday, 23-24 March 2012) 13th Frame will be available to everyone for FREE!

So if you still didn’t buy it, grab it now and share this info to all your friends!


I’ll give you separate announcement, when the ebook will be back on Smashwords, iTunes and Barnes&Noble.



Another world

March 21st, 2012 → 8:28 pm @

Some time ago I was on an organized by my friends special kind of workshop.

After coming back home I noticed, that my every picture contains a human being. No landscapes, no still life at all. Strange.

But ‘why ‘? I’m almost convinced that’s not entirely because I was photographing in the urban area.

I think it’s because the camera gives me the possibility to travel to another world. World, where I can forget about constant rush, “conflicts”, “meetings”, “reports” or “human resources management”. Where I talk to strangers, where almost everyone is giving me a smile when I point my lens at him or her, and so on, and so on. Very comfortable time, very relaxing experience.

I also managed to get into places, where I wouldn’t go without my camera. For example I went to old barge’s dark and loud engine room, where the workers were doing they job all day long, and later they were coming back home dirty, tired, but happy and satisfied.

And maybe I’m a little strange, but this possibility to travel between the worlds with my camera is more important for me then a salary I could earn making this photos.



TOP 32 photographers, or “How to become a Master”

January 25th, 2012 → 4:39 pm @

The Internet loves lists, that much is clear. There are therefore also a multitude of pages dedicated to photography – especially concentrated around the biggest names in photography. The masters are not only given appropriate attention on the Internet – those same names show up in all types of magazines and books – both in the context of the history of photography, as well as a type of art and as a science.

Who hasn’t heard of – in the context of black-and-white landscapes – Ansel Adams?

I decided to examine 32 names (an even number, very Internet-like), which should be known to every ambitious photographer. I did not choose them on the basis of any particular system – it was rather a process based on my own personal experiences. The goal was the following – to find out how those people made big names for themselves. It is possible that we will discover a system that will allow us to devise a method for becoming a Photography Master! (more…)


Forget the marketing

January 5th, 2012 → 2:24 pm @

It was a long time ago, but anyway – once George Barr said some wise words on planning the picture; something about leaving the construction of photography as a product to professionals, and making pictures which satisfy the photographer (that is you. Or me.)

Well, we can see everywhere that successful photographer is at first great marketer. Because of growing importance of online galleries, many of us started making pictures, which look good mainly when looking at a thumbnail – did you notice that? They don’t care how much of real content is in the image , or how many layers it offers to the viewer. It has to has ‘wow-factor’ at a first sight.

So no wonder once I also said something like this to my colleague:

“I don’t like your picture. There’s nothing on it; nothing but bushes and no one can tell what’s this image about.”

Of course I was wrong.

My colleague clearly and without any doubt showed me the picture had a charm in it, indeed. I just had to look a little bit longer and see small silhouettes of old women deep among the trees, at the end of curved forest path. I caught myself on lack of patience to photography!

This is the reason I don’t like to show pictures like you see below – it’s against internet rules. It doesn’t attract the eye among others in any online gallery, but anyway – I think one can appreciate it when watching on decent size print. And frankly speaking, I like it despite its unattractiveness.

Or maybe it’s the size that matters?

Anyway, George Barr is right. Both pictures watched quickly (like a short joke) and the ones watched slowly (like reading a long beautiful book) can be important and can seduce or impress us. But the question is – is the internet place where both types can coexists in peace? Maybe we should plan our frames to match the place they are supposed to be shown?


Deceitful aesthetics

December 22nd, 2011 → 8:25 pm @

Sometimes – especially in cartoons – we see some characters being supported by devil and angel – small figures at both sides, whispering to the ear. Usually, as we are learnt by our culture, that devil – full of really “interesting” ideas – suggests solutions, which are just… evil.

However sometimes I think the devil (compared to his companion from the second side of the head) is quite cool guy.


I was in a place, where some young man welded some stuff – as you can imagine, I couldn’t resist and made a picture. You know, the angel above my shoulder (and who wouldn’t listen to the angel, right?) whispered simple but very effective advices: “get the camera, man! Look, the dark room with bright window and welding torch will give you really, really rich tonal range! Do it and you’ll get really nice picture, I tell you”.

What, wouldn’t you listen? I did, and pressed the shutter button – just for nice light. And now I’m not quite sure it’s indeed an interesting picture. In fact I suspect it’s boring. Boring like heavenly hosts singing monotonous pious hymns, walking with white lilies in their hands, day by day on white clouds, without any visible change through centuries…

I have to confess I often succumb a temptation to take a photo just because it can look pretty. No deeper meaning, no communication with audience. And I see many, many pictures around the internet based on this scheme.

Don’t we depreciate photography this way?


13th Frame availability

December 13th, 2011 → 2:16 pm @

13th Frame is already available not only on Amazon, but also in:

  • iBookstore (you can read it on iPad and other Apple devices)
  • Barnes&Noble

Of course, you can download many other formats (PDF, .doc, etc…) from Smashwords store.

Soon also available for Sony e-readers!

Don’t forget to check newest reviews on Amazon!

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Thank you for all kind words!


13th Frame is on Facebook!

November 20th, 2011 → 3:50 pm @

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13th Frame published!

November 16th, 2011 → 10:30 pm @

I’m very pleased to announce, that 13th Frame has been published!

Right now it is available at Amazon as Kindle Edition, and at Smashwords – in various formats.

So why don’t you go there and check yourself right now? :)


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